Brimstone and Salt

from by Burdens of Misanthropy



I am the harbinger of my caustic, jealous God.
I am sent to conform you, to try to spare you from his wrath.
As is said in scripture, Deuteronomy 29:23
Brimstone and salt await you if you do not embrace his voice.

You are lost sheep, I urge you, follow me (follow me)

I will provide you with a better life,
Take my hand, I’ll show you how to meet your needs.
Observe the holy book and I will treat you well
Or disobey and feel his holy judgment

Whom among you rejects my most gracious salvation?
Bring him before me. Gather ‘round while I dictate his damnation.
Adamant fool, you forsook the creator of heaven and earth.
Through my words he commands, you’ll surrender your blossoming daughter to me.
I’ll take her as my whore, then prevent you from producing future progeny.

Your bloodline is spoiled, but I will make it clean!

Through your castration and your daughter’s consummation,
I have ensured the faithfulness of future generations.

Now, bear forth your phallus to meet my blade.
Don’t struggle.
Your penance.

I pinch it by the tip, lift it up, exposing tender flesh
Steel is married to the skin, I see its touch brings you to swell with bliss!
I carve into the shaft, incising lengthwise through the head.
Now, cloven like a serpent’s tongue, your member gushes forth into a sea of red.

Bear this mark as a reminder to be faithful.
Now lend your daughter’s silken hand to me,
She comes with me tonight to be stripped of her innocence.

A little struggle’s what I like, girl,
Try your best to resist.
There’s nothing like the smell of virgin’s blood, I’ll split you open to inhale its pungent kiss.
(Getting closer, getting closer.)
I grip you by the throat to convert pain into pleasure.

The seed is planted,
My work is done.
Bear me a son.


from Missionary, released May 27, 2014
Lyrics/Vocals: Michael Leone, Music/Arrangement: Jared Collins, Engineering: Josh Palmer



all rights reserved


Burdens of Misanthropy Columbus, Ohio

Burdens of Misanthropy is the spawn of Jared Collins' and Michael Leone's penchants for intense, heavy music.

We hope you enjoy Missionary.

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