by Burdens of Misanthropy

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released May 27, 2014

Lyrics/Vocals: Michael Leone
Music/Arrangement: Jared Collins
Engineering: Josh Palmer
Album artwork: Coki Greenway



all rights reserved


Burdens of Misanthropy Columbus, Ohio

Burdens of Misanthropy is the spawn of Jared Collins' and Michael Leone's penchants for intense, heavy music.

We hope you enjoy Missionary.

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Track Name: The Perverse Intent
I have arrived.
Enshrouded in my guise:
Altruist, noble man.
Unscrutinized, I perform the deeds of the devil.

Call this my holy war or whatever it takes for you to endorse my cause,
I'll soon have these savages adoring me.
Witless heathens, they will regard me as their god.

I've come about your land at great expense
and I'll be damned if there's no return on my investment.

You will belong to me.
Oh yeah!
With vicious force I will alter your reality.
You will convert
and feel the everlasting love of your eternal father
come and feel the light,
bow to the will of your abusive shepherd.

He hath bestowed me with the right
to purify you with the crucifix,
decry your cultural heritage.

Succumb unto the will of the lord.
Track Name: Brimstone and Salt
I am the harbinger of my caustic, jealous God.
I am sent to conform you, to try to spare you from his wrath.
As is said in scripture, Deuteronomy 29:23
Brimstone and salt await you if you do not embrace his voice.

You are lost sheep, I urge you, follow me (follow me)

I will provide you with a better life,
Take my hand, I’ll show you how to meet your needs.
Observe the holy book and I will treat you well
Or disobey and feel his holy judgment

Whom among you rejects my most gracious salvation?
Bring him before me. Gather ‘round while I dictate his damnation.
Adamant fool, you forsook the creator of heaven and earth.
Through my words he commands, you’ll surrender your blossoming daughter to me.
I’ll take her as my whore, then prevent you from producing future progeny.

Your bloodline is spoiled, but I will make it clean!

Through your castration and your daughter’s consummation,
I have ensured the faithfulness of future generations.

Now, bear forth your phallus to meet my blade.
Don’t struggle.
Your penance.

I pinch it by the tip, lift it up, exposing tender flesh
Steel is married to the skin, I see its touch brings you to swell with bliss!
I carve into the shaft, incising lengthwise through the head.
Now, cloven like a serpent’s tongue, your member gushes forth into a sea of red.

Bear this mark as a reminder to be faithful.
Now lend your daughter’s silken hand to me,
She comes with me tonight to be stripped of her innocence.

A little struggle’s what I like, girl,
Try your best to resist.
There’s nothing like the smell of virgin’s blood, I’ll split you open to inhale its pungent kiss.
(Getting closer, getting closer.)
I grip you by the throat to convert pain into pleasure.

The seed is planted,
My work is done.
Bear me a son.
Track Name: An Atrophy of the Mind
On this day the world welcomes a bastard,
an entrance stained by the bloodshed of his mother.
'Til the day she died, she denied any father.

This was no virgin birth, no, she suffered immensely
from the dark day of conception to the moment of delivery.
Divine must be the fortune she was granted in mortality:
spared from witnessing her son bear the burdens of misanthropy.

This holy figure from afar bore with him more than he could know,
blind suffering awaited those to whom his plague was sewn.
His only son was no exception; a painful death awaits them both.

An atrophy of the mind
fate's cruel hand hath bestoweth.

Sapped of strength, the people turned to their new god to mend their woes.

Foolish prayers, wasted time.
This scourge must be your punishment.
The only way out is to tithe to me,
give your money to god. You'll be free.
Track Name: Bastard Jesus
An orphan raised by acquiescent slaves,
our bastard was no stranger to hardship.
Condemned to endless labor in the name of their savior,
amassing wealth in Western pockets.
Bearing splintered hands and notched teeth,
the gifts of subjugation and his father's disease.
His life was the product of sick, self-righteous greed.

This child will be the one to free them
from their rapacious priest.

He will replace
the Messiah that they've begun to worship:
Jesus Christ.
On his flesh they'll no longer feast.

Enter the witness of the new savior's corrupt conception:
His mother's father, of cloven member
disclosed the horrors imposed by the church.

It's all a clever ploy conceived by wealthy men
to deceive, distract and destroy the poor whilst force-feeding malevolent sacraments.

Behind closed doors, the afflicted did meet
to conceive a ploy of their own.
They will make their captor weep.
Amidst the sermon on the coming sabbath,
gruesome revenge will be exacted.
Track Name: March to Hell
Gathered together for the holy Catholic mass
An obsolete tradition, today will be their last.
There will be no mercy
rendered toward our missionary.
He ascends to the pulpit,
not knowing that today he'll be preaching his final homily:

"Herod's temple-turned-robber's den was torn asunder by the vengeance of the lamb.
Wielding a whip of cords,
the son of God sent the greediest among men fleeing.
You are all sinners.
Withholding from your tithings,
not giving to the parish with all that you have.
Your dereliction of duty allows me a single solution:
I will study the elder scripture,
I will plead to Our Father in my favored prayers.
He will prescribe your punishment,
only through pain can you be truly purged of sin."

Father, we are here to put an end to your
Control. The world has seen enough of you.
Despair, for death will come from misery
Equal to the horrors you've wrought endlessly.

Now is the time, my friends.
Bind his limbs and force him face-down upon the altar.

I carve out your tongue, ensuring my deafness to your lamentations,
you begin to drown as blood fills your lungs, each gargle serving to reinforce my passion.
I can see the flames are burning brightly still.
So put your ass up, daddy, it's time you got your fill.
Drip, drop, drip.
The scalding candlewax slowly spills into your anus.